Our Fellowship Committee hosts a fellowship luncheon every 2nd Sunday after the worship service.  All are welcome to enjoy a light lunch and fellowship after worship.

The Fellowship Committee provides food for various music shows including music by Pastor Dave, Jackie Reinwald, and Lee Schappell. They also coordinate church fundraisers including Easter candy, chicken barbecue, chicken pot pie dinner, spaghetti dinner, and a Christmas bazaar.
Pastor Dave leads a Bibly Study on Wednesday afternoons at 11:00 a.m. at the church. He reviews the previous Sunday's sermon with an in depth Bible study that would not be possible during the worship service.

This group is about challenging people to grow spiritually and build relationships through fellowship, prayer and a thirst for Biblical study.

Saturday morning Bibly Study is lead by Barbara Adams in her Wyomissing home. This study's focus is a discussion on specific books of the Bible, accompanied with prayer and song.

Sunday morning offers two Bible study opportunities. Dave Kauffman offers a basic Bible study. Bryan Seyler offers an advanced Bible study.

We all long for understanding, compassion and respect. And sometimes it's easier to find these things among others who share a similar situation or outlook. That's where a support group comes in. Whether you are coping with a dark past, or trying to change your life for the better, there is nothing like sharing stories and experiences with others who are on the same path as you are. Some women may feel like "the doors of their souls have been closed". Our goal is to find peace, healing and freedom through the word of God- and our true Healer and Friend Jesus Christ.  Our Women's Support Group is led by Jackie Reinwald.

The Kissinger's Kares team helps to provide visitation to members and regular visitors who are shut-in or otherwise restricted in their ability to attend regular church service and activities. 

Working closely with Pastor Dave, it is the goal of the Kissinger's Kares team to maintain a close communication with our church community in need.
Music Director Dan Brownell heads the Worship and Music Committee. If this is an area that you would be interested in, please contact Dan.

In 2013 a set of chimes was purchased by church member Loretta Price. These chimes are dedicated in the memory of her parents, Mary and Oscar Sweitzer. You do not need to read music to play the chimes. Chimes practice is held on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

Pastor Dave leads the congregation in song in the worship service. If you have any musical talents and would like to share them with the congregation, let Dan Brownell or Pastor Dave know.