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Called: by the love of God, we commit ourselves to invite all people to share in God's love!

United: we share the gospel to our community and the world. 

Redeemed: by Jesus Christ, we dedicate ourselves to teach God's word and administer the sacraments.

Empowered: by the Holy Spirit, we offer ourselves to serve and witness. ( God is our C.U.R.E. )

Weekly Worship - 10:15 AM

Wed. Bible Study @ 1:00 PM 

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Mission Statement
Kissinger's Church
"Where the Bible Comes Alive"

( A House of Prayer for all People )
We are a non-denominational church preaching the Word of God from the Bible!
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Dear Friend,

Hello! I'm Pastor David Reinwald. I became the full time pastor on May 1, 2011.

​On behalf of our congregation, I would like to welcome you to our church! Even though we are Christians, we don't consider ourselves any better than anyone else. We are not perfect, including the pastor. But we know that God accepts each of us as we are.

When you come to visit our church, you will feel welcome. You will feel safe. And you can come just as you are - regardless of your church or non-church background. 

And so again - welcome! We look forward to meeting and greeting you!

Blessings;  Pastor David Reinwald