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Called: by the love of God, we commit ourselves to invite all people to share in God'€™s love.

United: we share the gospel to our community and the world. 

Redeemed: by Jesus Christ, we dedicate ourselves to teach God'€™s word and administer the sacraments.

Empowered: by the Holy Spirit, we offer ourselves to serve and witness. ( God is our C.U.R.E. )

Weekly Worship - 10:15 AM
Wed. Bible Study @ 1:00 PM 

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Mission Statement
Kissinger's Church
"Where the Bible Comes Alive"

( A House of Prayer for all People )
We are a non-denominational church, preaching the Word of God from the Bible!
If you would like the see Pastor Dave's sermons please visit our Facebook page by typing  Kissinger's church in the search panel of your FB account and click on videos......